Fundraise in an ethical way

Dedicating your life to something you fundamentally believe in can be tough yet extremely rewarding. Every year, many individuals – like you – find a way to earn a living and do the right thing. They may donate directly to good causes or they might fundraise for a charity like, for example, The Children’s Society, which works to give children a good a chance as they can in life.

So how do you combine the arduous decision of which career path to follow with making a real difference to a cause close to your heart?  It’s easier than you might think – you simply need to contact us.

At The Fundraising Academy we help charities like The Children’s Society to fundraise more effectively.  This means we prepare prospective fundraisers so that they are able to speak to strangers passionately and persuasively about helping children so that those strangers also become enthusiastic enough about the cause to contribute to it.

Speaking to someone you’ve never met before in the street, or knocking on their front door, can be daunting for even the most outgoing of us, but with the right skills and training it can become second nature for you - and even something you enjoy.
At the Fundraising Academy we give you those skills and we teach you to fundraise in an ethical way. And because we work closely with your chosen charity there’s a good chance we’ll have trained your team leader so they’ll understand the challenges you face and make sure you continue to enjoy your new job.

Once you’ve been on one of our fundraising courses you’ll be able to work for a charity with which you share a strong connection, and after you’ve earned your stripes on the frontline of fundraising the opportunities for career progression are numerous. Over time you can stay close to the action or even move into management, all the while doing something that matters more than just the paycheque.

So if you want to take that first step on one of the most rewarding career paths there is then just call us on 0844 561 7507 and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to start your incredible journey.

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