Why Choose NL?


Because we ensure that all our candidates are thoroughly assessed and prepared for the interview, you can be sure that they are an appropriate fit for your organisation and the role’s requirements.  Likewise, if you’re a candidate, we take the time to understand which companies you would enjoy working for and which jobs you would excel at.

So how can we deliver this superior service? At NL Recruitment all of our account managers are experienced professionals in understanding the needs and requirements of  both clients and candidates resulting in matching exceptional candidates to the right positions quickly and accurately. 

We are a multi award winning company and also accredited by and a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. The exceptional quality of service we provide continually exceeds our Clients and Candidates expectations which is why we are the number one recruitment service provider in the charity sector.

Furthermore, with offices in London, Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff you’ll receive a face-to-face service as we’re based right on your doorstep, helping businesses and candidates in the charity, call centre, market research, financial services and debt recovery sectors find each other.

So whether you’re looking for the right professional for your organisation, or the opening that will kick-start your career, call us today on 0844 561 7507.

  • " If ever I'm in the position of needing a recruitment agency there is only one place I'd pick up the phone to: NL "

    - Tom

  • " After many, many months of job hunting, it really is great to find a firm which looks after it's people. "

    - Wendy

  • " Thanks for everything you have been a very good recruitment service deserving of a recommendation! "

    - Johnathan

  • " I have had a really great experience working with NL and I want to thank you for all of your help throughout the entire process. "

    - Taylor

  • " NL Recruitment helped me land my first job after leaving college "

    - Gary

  • " I have had a really great experience working with both your agency "

    - Lucy

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